Borhealis: The Whisper of the Guardian (TWOTG). All you need to know about the First Book.
What is Borhealis: The Whisper of the Guardian?
TWOGT is the first book in a fantasy saga about the Borhealis Metaverse that combines tech and magic, to offer readers a new way of consuming literature.
Why is a new generation of Literature?
Borhealis is a book that represents a metaverse built in the blockchain, and both (story and metaverse) evolve at the same time. 
Also, the book hides puzzles, mysteries and treasure maps that can be decipher both in the metaverse and in real life, obtaining important prizes.
On the other hand, the book contains unique, irreplaceable pieces of art, whether text or illustrations, the ownership of which gives the purchaser several benefits, apart from the possession of a unique work of art.
Why this is needed?
Literature is one of the best creations of the human being apart from being one of the seven recognized arts, but unfortunately, the irruption of new technologies has relegated it to the background, losing readers and fans.
With the construction of the Metaverse of Borhealis, we take advantage of this irruption of new technologies to relaunch a fresh literature offering a new, interactive, fun and lucrative way to enjoy great books and exciting stories.
Why is different?
There is no other work of these characteristics. Not only because of the originality of the story, but because of the characteristics of the Metaverse and the project that surrounds it.​​​​​​​
The Metaverse
Borhealis is a fantasy universe in which we have been working for several years.
The Borhealis Metaverse, with its own sustainable economy (linked to the earth through some secret doors) it is made up of six continents. Five of them built on solid ground: Endellion, Selvha, Besuria, Allicaria and Hellatia (the ancient Humaria), and the sixth one in the sky: L'Haddes.
Each continent has different species and races, climate, resources, geography, which are immersed in endless wars with each other... and a circular city in the center of the world called New Half-Blood, which constitutes a meeting point between the different species of Borhealis.
This Metaverse includes a sustainable and professional play-to-earn cryptogame called The Conquest of Borhealis.​​​​​​​

Borhealis Map - First Draft by Bretton Waterhouse 2017

The Storyline
“Tens of thousands of years ago, the Guardians protected and guided humans, linked to them by a bond of life. But they were massacred and exterminated by the Blood Kings, under the threat of the destruction of all Borhealis if one of them reappeared. 
Now, secretly, a new Guardian has been born in L´Haddes linked to a boy from Oxford, United Kingdom, named Oliver Peacock. And their identities have been revealed.
No one will be safe in Borhealis until Dasa and Oliver are dead.
They can’t trust in anyone. The hunt has begun.”

Oliver Peacock and Storyline - First Draft by Bretton Waterhouse 2017

The NFTs
These are the types of NFTs included in the first The Whisper of the Guardian:
Fragments of the book transformed into unique pieces.
First paragraph of the book (possibly the first paragraph of a blockchain text). 1 unique copy.
Foreword (5 pages). 500 copies.
Chapters (20 pages each). 500 copies for each of the 20 chapters that make up the first book. 10,000 copies in total.

First paragraph of the story by Bretton Waterhouse 2017

You will be able to get your exclusive plot in Borhealis (Endellion, Selvha, Besuria, Allicaria, Hellatia and L'Haddes) and in London fantasy metaverse.
We have divided the territory into 10,000 parcels. 1,800 in each of the 5 continents of the surface (Endellion, Allicaria, Besuria, Selvha and Hellatia), 750 in the most important city in the world (Nueva Mestiza) and 250 in the continent of heaven (L’Haddes). The 9,000 parcels of the surface continents are basic, the 800 of Nueva Mestiza are premium, and the 200 of L’Haddes are mystical. The acquisition of a plot gives the right to participate in the token economy and different play to earn games set in the saga.
The art and illustrations are made by different artists, including the writer himself.
Cover page. 1 unique copy.
Back cover. 1 unique copy.
Storyboard of the chapters. 9 copies per chapter (including the prologue).
Characters. 1 unique copy for each character in the book.
Benefits of owning an NFT
Ownership of any of the NFTs mentioned above carries the following benefits:
- Enigmas, Riddles and Rewards:
Each NFT, whether it is text or art contains enigmas hidden by the writer, which only he knows and whose solution is encrypted in the blockchain. 
The resolution of the enigma carries with it an economic reward for the person who decrypts it and in the same amount, for the owner of the NFT in question.
- Royalties:
The possession of any NFT implies obtaining a participation in future adaptation royalties of the saga to cinema or television series.
- Borhealians Club:
The acquisition of any NFT ensures you a membership in the Borhealian Club, a mysterious and private club that will be in contact with the writer and, among other exclusive benefits, will have priority access to the publication of the chapters and can even participate in some decisions. relating to the history and plot line of the saga.
- Merchandising:
The owner of the NFT will have exclusive marketing rights and will be able to merchandise their assets.
- Art:
The owner of the NFT will have a unique and irreplaceable piece of art.
The Chapters
TWOGT has 20 chapters and a prologue. The chapters will be released periodically and in the end, after an editorial review, they will all be compiled into a definitive physical and digital book. 
The chapters are the following:
Chapter 00: Prologue
Chapter 01: A Bond of Live
Chapter 02: The Attic of the Mountain
Chapter 03: The Green Ganso
Chapter 04: London’s Secret Door
Chapter 05: Nueva Mestiza
Chapter 06: The Pilgrim's Tower
Chapter 07: Mister Mike’s Place
Chapter 08: A City in the Clouds
Chapter 09: The Non-existent Concilium
Chapter 10: The Hidden School
Chapter 11: An Awkward Inconvenience
Chapter 12: A Sunset in Beslavia
Chapter 13: A Too Early Farewell
Chapter 14: The Journey to Death
Chapter 15: The Titan´s Fist
Chapter 16: Back to London
Chapter 17: The Sheldonian´s Wall
Chapter 18: Oswald Peacock
Chapter 19: The Battle of the Shotover
Chapter 20: We Are Not Alone
A different tokenomics
All part of a single governance token, called AURA, and which is the axis on which the entire economy of Borhealis evolves. 
Below we summarise some of the most important mechanisms to ensure the value of the token and create a healthy circular economy: AURA Token. 
The game (The Conquest of Borhealis) is essential to build a sustainable economy and it is necessary to acquire AURAs to participate in the game.
All part of a single governance token, called AURA, and which is the axis on which the entire Borhealis economy revolves. 
The usefulness and value of the token is guaranteed by: 
The book: It is necessary to acquire AURAs to buy the book and its artistic NFTs (royalties, merchandising and Borhealian Club).
NFTs: It is necessary to acquire AURAs to buy the NFTs and any type of transaction, management, reproduction or marketing with them that is done in the Metaverse. 
Participate in the game: It is necessary to acquire AURAs to participate in the game. 
Access eSport levels: It is necessary to acquire AURAs and staking to access the different levels. The ones that will require the most AURAs will be the professional levels. 
Mine lands: It is necessary to acquire AURAs to buy a parcel, develop it and interact with the ecosystem. 
Rakeback and Staking: Players receive AURAs simply in bonuses for participating in battles (Rakeback) and for Staking. 
Governance: It is necessary to acquire AURAs to be part of the world (as shareholders in a company) and participate in decision-making and project management.
The Author
The Borhealis saga is being written by Bretton Waterhouse. The writer himself is also drawing some illustrations and designing the creativities of the project. 
Follow his blog if you don't want to miss anything by clicking here.​​​​​​​
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