Kingdom Hearts
Madrid, Spain
Kingdom Hearts is a crossover between Disney and Square Enix based in an original fictional universe.
I did work for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts X.
My work
1 - Art design for social media marketing purposes (official campaigns, official blog posts, official publications...).
2 - Content for the official blog and official social media channels. 
3 - Official community management in Spain.
4 - Creative campaigns design and execution.​​​​
I did created and released a lot of campaigns for the KH saga. The following one about the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep promotion was one of my favourites because of the extraordinary work shared by the talented fans:
Generate impacts, comments and hype before the releasing of the game Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
I designed a contest consisted of interpreting a theme from the game, regardless of their musical abilities. He could use any instrument, whistle, hum...
The prize was two games (one of them a collector's version) and promotional magnets from the saga.
We receive hundreds of works from fans and generate millions of impacts through Facebook and Twitter.

The winner was Moisés Nieto (an amazing artist and fan of the Kingdom Hearts Saga). Please listen carefully to this masterpiece (3 mins):
If you like to know more about these works, let me know here. I will be happy to share with you more details!

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