After a while without releasing a new game, Hitman Absolution appeared as a great novelty thanks to the trailers and the initial demos. The challenge was to take advantage of the irruption of social networks and that positive current generated by the trailers and demos to create an unprecedented campaign.
Increase the hype before the release of the video game.
An original and clever social media campaign where players could step into the shoes of the agent before the game was released.
The campaign:
In this proposal I tried to respect the spirit of the saga as much as possible and it will motivate fans to look forward to the future release of the video game.
The user will start the adventure by checking into a hotel (web). After this, Diana Burnwood contacts us to tell us that AGENT 47 HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED by an enemy from the past whose identity is still unknown. To free him, we must complete 6 contracts in 6 cities around the world.
All this without leaving the Internet.
You have to kill 6 people to free 47 and identify and hunt down their kidnapper. To reach each of these people you will have to overcome some difficulties that will increase as you progress through the game.
All action the user did was around social media. We created fake websites, blogs, profiles... and social networks will play a leading role at all times. 
The 6 contracts (we released one contract each week):

Target: Ahmed Al Saoui (The Scorpion), a violent terrorist who intends to spread panic at the London Olympics by unleashing a modified virus, relentlessly lethal and extremely contagious.
Objective: Alain Cheval, a corrupt politician and womanizer who is on vacation in a most exclusive tourist complex... and guarded. His obnoxious way of being has given him many enemies, which is why his bodyguards never leave him alone.
Target: Andrei Kolorov (Cyrus19), a former video game developer suspected of being the biggest known hacker and fraudster in the history of the Internet. It is known that he is stealing the most private data of 300 million people who are registered in a social network of which he is the founder.
Target: Roman Vasquez. A Colombian Drug Lord with important connections who could have been used in the kidnapping of Agent 47. He is one of the most elusive criminals in existence, he knows Medellin like the back of his hand 
and every influential person owes him a favor. 
If at any time he suspects, he will disappear and we will never see him again.
Target: Tom Lory. A serial killer of civilians trained as a lethal war machine. Schizophrenic and racist, he has planned a massacre in the meeting that the Pope will have with thousands of young people in a large square in this South African city. We will have to locate and intercept him before he fulfills his objective.
Target: Harold Mood. A banker who has defrauded billions of dollars around the world, wreaking havoc in the financial system of entire countries. To find him we must locate and convince his rebellious son who, after confronting his father, is now one of the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This banker must give us the final answer.
Some screens of the campaign script:
If you like to know more about this campaign, let me know here. I will be happy to share with you more details!

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