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Chekin - Building the check-in experience of tomorrow
Chekin allow hosts to automate all the guest booking process (pre-booking, online registration, stay, post-stay).
I started working at Chekin more than 3 years ago. Right after my daughters born. And what started as a temporary adventure, has turned into one of my more rich tech experiences, where I have learnt a lot and have been able to experiment new things and processes, improving my skills to the next level.
I personally has created all the UX + UI (Web, Dashboard, Guestapp and all Features), the branding guidelines, the prototyping, the dev specs documents and the monitoring + experiments + user's feedback processes.
Chekin has grown a lot over the last 3 years. We started being a mobile app to send guest data to the authorities and now we are the most completed software to manage the guest journey. Also, we have designed the best online check-in tool in our sector, validated for more than 4 million guests.
The main problem in the hospitality industry:
Traditional in-person check-in is inefficient, time-consuming, and very expensive. The Covid19 crisis has accelerated the industry's transition to frictionless, paperless, 100% digital and autonomous check-in.
Our solution:
We have created a pleasant and reliable experience based on guests and hosts feedback. Hosts can manage everything related to their guests reservation easily. Guests, on the other hand, can complete their online registration in one minute. They can do anything related to their stay from their phone, including to book an activity or service, to open the door with a virtual key...

We are partners with the most important companies in our sector

Customer Journey and Conversion Funnel
To understand how are features or tools works we have stablished one Unique funnel: From Traffic (website) to Client (starting a paid subscription).
To take action in the funnel, I have divided it into 3 sub-funnels:
Funnel 01: From Traffic to Lead
Funnel 02: From Lead to Trial
Funnel 03: From Trial to Client
By attacking each funnel with concrete actions, running experiments and metrics, we can understand what improves and what not.
By doing this, we have improving the conversion in the different funnels in more than 500%.

Every week, we analyse the conversion, the running and ended experiments, the monitoring of the sessions and the users feedback to plan the next actions.

Branding guidelines
We are proud to see that Chekin has one of the best look & feel and user's experience (UX/UI) in our industry. That has been a work implemented in 3 stages.
1 - First stage (2019) - MVP to validate the product
2 - Second stage (2020) - Web, app, dashboard and online check-in first upgrade. Branding guidelines creation.
3 - Third stage (2021) - Web, app, dashboard and online check-in second upgrade. Branding guidelines update.
We implement important changes every year depending on the product and market evolution and the global style trends to offer our current and potential users a fresh, clean and elegant product and company.

Our website is the first contact we have with users, where we welcome them and show them how we can help make their lives easier.
We take great care of our website in terms of UX/UI, SEO, content, performance, because it is the first turning point in the conversion funnel.
The building of the site is a teamwork with all departments (sales, marketing, customer success, product, human resources, financial...) to be sure that our web 
We try to make the registration process simple, fast and that users feel comfortable, safe and excited to open their account.
Hemos hecho muchos experimentos desde principios de 2022, aumentando el número de registros en más de un 500%.​​​​​​​
Onboarding is the moment in which the user enters the product for the first time. Therefore, it is essential to give them a warm welcome and all the means they want to explain how to use the platform.
The dashboard is the control panel from where hosts add their properties and manage their reservations.​​​​​​​
Guestapp and online check-in
The Guestapp is one of our jewels. It is the webapp from where guests register, buy upsells, save their virtual keys... More than 4 million guests have registered with Chekin since 2019, making our Guestapp possibly the best on the market.
Mobile App
Many hosts prefer to manage their reservations from our mobile app (iOS and Android), especially to register guests onsite.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Sessions monitoring
We record real user sessions, always supplementing them with privacy and security requirements, to locate UX / UI issues, moments of frustration, bugs ... and by default, validate and understand everything we do.
If we cannot see how users navigate through our platform, we are blind. This is why it is essential to monitor and analyse their sessions.
How to do this?
1 - Record sessions and analyse only the most relevant ones in terms of user activity.
2 - Mark the highlights spots (frustration, confusion, success...) and organise the highlighted sessions into categories (for example: UX/UI issues, Bugs, Good sessions... )
3 - Produce, and analyse the Heatmaps. It is important to pin them into the different sections of the platform to get a good organisation. 

Heatmap - We analyze the hot spots to understand if our CTAs are ok and potential UI issues.

Example of a monitoring session. In this case, the user doesn't realise that the register has finished. We should added a more clear complexion message.

User's feedback
We collect feedback from users on a daily basis, both hosts and guests, in order to understand, with their words, what we are doing wrong and how we can help them meet their expectations.
We do this in 3 ways:
- With conversations with them
- Feedback popovers in key places
- Mailing
We are continually updating the product and proposing improvements in the user experience from the moment you visit the website for the first time, until you become a customer. 
Any action that we want to implement, previously goes through a monitored experiment with real users. In this way, we collect data (A/B tests) and analyse behaviours (session monitoring) that give us the certainty that any proposal (before being implemented) improves, or worsens, the conversion. And accordingly, based on this data, we can decide what gets implemented and what doesn't. 
To do this, we launch experiments in each sub-funnel weekly and analyse and monitor the results and actual sessions every day. Our experiments are based on two variants (Original and Proposal), they are segmented and we measure each one for a minimum of 3 weeks to ensure a reliable leading option and an effective conversion calculation. We publish a single experiment per specific objective so as not to cross data that could mislead us.
The vision. Chekin in the near future.
I currently work at Chekin since the end of 2018 as a Creative director. We started as an app that automatically takes care of sending guests' legal details to the authorities and in 3 years we have become a software that is a reference in the tourism and hospitality sector in the world, having registered more than 4 million guests with our tool.

At Chekin, I have personally designed the branding guidelines, style guides, UX/UI of all platforms (web, dashboard, online check-in and app) and introduced processes within the construction of the product such as prototyping and development specifications. , the product specification document, monitoring tools and A/B Tests...

Chekin is today, according to users, one of the companies with the best look and feel, design and user experience i3n the entire tourism and hospitality sector.

If you like to know more about my work in Chekin, let me know here. I will be happy to share with you more details!
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