King College Hospital App
London, UK
A big debilitating factor of Rheumatoid arthritis is the sense of losing control over your body. Patients at KCH indicated to their caregivers that they wanted a better way to manage their condition and ease their regular and frequent visits to their care givers at King’s College Hospital. 
We produced a user-friendly, practical, intuitive mobile interface that empowers patients to track their condition, their appointments, capture data such as blood test requirements and the corresponding results, complete and submit health questionnaires confidentially and securely, find their way around the hospital, and contact their caregivers in the rheumatology department.
Among various awards and specialized publications, like the best design award at the event technology awards.
Automate processes to make it easier for patients to deal with the hospital.
A mobile app from which the user could carry out, in a very simple and intuitive way, any management with the hospital.
The app was used by thousands of patients with great success and the project was exported to other NHS hospitals.
If you like to know more about these works, let me know here. I will be happy to share with you more details!

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