Risen 2: Dark Waters is a fantasy-themed action role-playing game where players take control of the main character in a third-person perspective to explore the in-game world, complete quests and customize their character's abilities. 
As it is not a very famous video game, we had to invent some action to generate hype and increase the expectations of gamers.
Promote the video game Risen 2: Dark Waters, publicize the franchise and create hype.
Una campaña creativa y original consistente en la búsqueda de un tesoro oculto en una isla del inmenso y peligroso océano de internet.
The Campaign:
The script focuses on how events unfolded before the Gods abandoned men and the Titans devastated all lands except Caldera. And how the users' contest can make it possible for all of this NOT to happen and appease the wrath of the Gods.
We pursue that the participant gets involved in the story, even feels capable of satisfying the Gods and avoid what would be the game Risen 2: Dark Waters. Something that would be impossible since the end will always be the anger of the Gods and also, the winner was not going to give up the prize almost with absolute certainty.
The story would begin with the presentation of William Bones, an older "treasure hunter" pirate who has a serious problem with rum and bar fights, which has brought him numerous enemies and serving sentences in prison.
He was locked in a cell for assaulting the son of a Spanish Governor in a tavern, when one day he receives a visit from a mysterious stranger who gives him a blank map and sentences him to find the famous Treasure of the Commodore's Skull and hand it over to the Gods, or they will abandon the world and the Titans will destroy everything, annihilating human life.
Then the game begins, which will be focused at all times on finding the Treasure.
After the introduction, the participant ends up on a website where they have to register (in a very simple and quick way). This is the Tavern of the One-Eyed Figurehead, which will be designed to give the feeling of a Pirate Tavern.
This will be the meeting point for players. And it will be the place where the tracks will be announced (via bookmarks), where they will be able to chat, see their profiles, their achievements, their progress, share experiences, and even... robbing people!
The problem with robberies is that if you get caught, you spend 1 day in locked Prison without being able to access the Tavern from your account. Although you can follow the course of your investigations.
A scoring system determines the position of each one. The unit of measure is Gold Doubloons.
The clues are always ingenious. They are oriented from lowest to highest regarding the degree of difficulty. Leaving the most difficult for the end of the game.
The web will be the meeting point for the participants. This website have an advanced and very elaborate design, and a functionality based on intuition and covering all the needs that players may wish for.
The platform have a news blog, a chat, a forum, a Gold Doubloon leaderboard, the plot of the story, the rules of participation, the treasure map that must be unlocked, a character profile who intervene as William Bones, Reginald McIrish (the mischievous kitchen boy who gives away Gold Doubloons to those who carry out the pranks he proposes), the mysterious character, the girl... and five markers (one for google, facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram) where the presence of a new track will be announced with the effect similar to lighting a candle in the corresponding box. Therefore, the player who is in the tavern chatting, stealing, investigating... will have more chances of being the first to go out looking for the clue. Even so, from William Bones's profile on twitter, the date and time of release of a new track, which will also come encrypted, will be announced by means of an encrypted message.
In this way we offer an extra value to the participants so that the time spent on the web increases.
The Treasure map will be a page within the Tavern website and, as we show below, it will be a blank map that will be unlocked as you match clues and discover the codes, which are entered inside the little box that will appear on the map.​​​​​​​
Protagonist of the story. His participation is more argumentative than active. It is limited to your twitter account and writing your own blog posts.
William Bones is a pirate expert in finding treasures. He has won many spoils but has lost them easily due to his addiction to gambling, fighting and rum.
REGINALD McIRISH. The worst Chef you can imagine.
Reg McIrish is a very funny character with a great fondness for pranks (very fashionable in the public on the Internet).
Mc Irish, who has a twitter account and also writes blog posts, gives away Gold Doubloons by putting up tests of dubious morality, such as, “I give 30 Gold Doubloons to the sailor on twitter who annoys as many celebrities as possible from this list. And I will give 100 to the one who gets the answer from any of them” or something like… “I offer 50 Gold Doubloons to the one who uploads a naughty photo or video to the One-Eyed Figurehead Tavern facebook page and gets the biggest number of likes.
His personality can be highly appreciated by the public and the type of tests that he proposes and that invite fun both from those who share them, and from the rest of the participants in this action.
If you like to know more about this campaign, let me know here. I will be happy to share with you more details!

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